Friday, 10 October 2014

coop is six months old!

Mister Coop, where do I begin? (I'm sure I say that every month though...) I'll start with your favourites:

You love your Nana's chunky necklaces.
You love sitting up.
You love chewing on this little yellow teething ring.
You love bouncing up and down on everyone's knees.
You love your auntie Kim and Brittany (they let you hang out in just a diaper!).

Now, the things you're not so fond of:

You don't like bopping your head on the carpet when you decide you no longer want to be sitting.
You don't like when mommy straps you into your carseat.
You don't entirely like the taste of formula, but it seems to be growing on you.

You're currently:

Learning how to sit yourself up when you've toppled over.
Learning how to eat a big strip of cucumber until it's just the skin left.
Sleeping through the night, but getting up at 5am to eat.
Figuring out how to hold onto something and shake it all around.
Going to sleep a lot earlier -- 7:30pm! crazy!
Doing a 4-naps, 5-meals schedule per day.
Figuring out that you can laugh-scream. Very entertaining.

You're 6 months old today and you're still the best thing there is.

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