Wednesday, 21 January 2015

coop is nine months old!

You're nine months old, Coop! (Nine months and a bit...what can I say, it's been a crazy week) and suddenly you're a busy bee. 

Crawling, crawling, crawling, and getting into all kinds of fun stuff. 

You love to make a bee-line for Weezy's water dish when we forget to put it up on the counter. You also feel the need to investigate anything that's plugged in. Pretty much anything you shouldn't be touching is your favourite toy these days. 

You have two teeth and you're pretty pumped about them. You are getting so much better at biting through the apple skin! Last week you ate half a grilled cheese and you were in a food coma of joy for about 30 minutes afterwards. 

Weeze is still your best friend in the whole world. If we're not paying attention, sometimes we'll look over and find Weeze licking inside your mouth. Whoops. Oh, that reminds me. You had his first kiss last week! With Charlotte, your neighbour girlfriend of course! You went in with tongue. Dad was proud when I told him about it. 

You've outgrown almost every single pair of jammies because you're so tall. Wonder where you get that from...

You're still such a good sleeper and we are thankful everyday :) On a typical day you wake up around 9:00am, go down for your first nap around 10:30am, sleep for a little over an hour, play for 2 hours, have some lunch, down for your  second nap around 1:00pm, play for 2 hours, little snack, and you're down for the third and final nap around 4:30pm. This nap is the most critical. If we skips this, you're not a super fun person to be around in the hours leading up to bedtime at 7:30pm.

Your personality keeps growing even though we didn't think that was possible. We love you, Coop :)

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