Thursday, 18 May 2017

group family photos for grandpa's birthday!

Whether we're together for a morning brunch, an afternoon birthday celebration, or an entire holiday weekend, there's one thing my brother and I can guarantee to hear from our Dad:

"Let's get a picture of all 4 kids before you go!"

It's usually said right as we're packing up to leave, with one kid having a meltdown, one kid wearing no pants, and all four of them riding a sugar rush from one of Nana's after dinner ice cream cones. 

Scott and I usually make eyes at each other like, "oh here we go..."

This year for Grandpa's birthday, we decided the best gift we could ever give would be a professional photo shoot of our family. I knew Charlotte would be a great choice because of how wonderful she is with kids, and if anyone could get four kids under six years of age to sit side by side, it would be her. 

So at 10:00am on Good Friday, everyone showed up clean and dressed in neutral colours, ready to make it happen. An entire bag of jelly beans was used to get these kiddos to do whatever we asked of them. 

Thank you Charlotte for these beautiful photos of our family! 

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