Thursday, 22 June 2017

san francisco trip!

I had the best time in San Francisco shooting the Dailey Method Owner's Retreat 2017 :) It really was a life-changing experience; one where I felt incredibly present and proud of where my business has taken me. 

For a full recount of the Dailey experience, see this post on my business blog. For this blog, though, a few travel photos that I really really love, starting with Pier 39! 

Casual sight-seeing from the tour bus. This village-on-a-hill is apparently only accessibly by foot! So cool!

Goal: come back to this spot with Ryan and a bottle of wine. 

Okay, this was a mandatory stop. When the driver of the tour bus announced stop #15 for "Painted Ladies" and no one got off, I was majorly confused. 

Wind blasted in the face, and totally worth it. 

After a few hours of walking, I stopped here to look out on the waterfront and check in with home since the kids would be going to bed shortly :)

Perhaps my favourite photo from the trip:

Creepiest views from the boat tour around Alcatraz. 

As always with a trip like this, a video to remember every moment!

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