Thursday, 22 June 2017

iphone photos from may

Technically this first set belongs in the April post, but it's just too cute not to share! We had such a great time at the Ottawa Wedding Awards, and I am seriously pumped to have taken home the award for Wedding Photographer! 

The left photo was us leaving the house, no idea the award would be won a few hours later. The middle photo is our little winner circle of celebration. And the last photo was found on my phone the next day, ha! Love them so much. 

Literally 8 hours later, jet-setting to San Fran to shoot the TDM Owner's Retreat!

Made friends with a cute cat :)

And hiked with a bunch of fitness instructors

New month, new page in the planner, new ring. Love this photo!

We rested and relaxed and tried to get life back to normal after such a great trip :)

At the time, this was a secret project.f But now it's a behind-the-scenes shot from the recently launched ELEVATE Masterclass!!

Ladies lunch date <3

Supporting my girl Brittany for her Rogers Daytime appearance for Moving Mountains jewellery! We had such a fun afternoon, I'll never forget it!

John Mulaney made us laugh. Take me back to this super fun double date night!

My Walshie and Tyler <3 

And maybe a little too much wine after the show.

My 3rd Mother's Day! This little poster from Coop's school made me laugh, especially since I hate to brush my teeth and make a lot of noodles. 

Coop's school posted this pic and I love it! I am always so glad the kids are outside, enjoying the weather, and learning new things while I'm holed up in my office kicking business butt. 

Behind the scenes of a fun styled shoot -- I died for this floral hoop!!

Watching for airplanes of course!

The ENGAGED101 panel event was a smash and I loved every second of it. My "talk" was about how to stay in the moment, remove stress, and ultimately make your wedding day the happiest day of your life. 

The 1975 Concert was one of my 2017 highlights for sure. Ryan and I were the oldest people there by abooooout 10 years, and just had the BEST time.  

Chocolate milk loving children at Dad's softball game. 


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