Wednesday, 4 September 2013

a week eight update (and a new CRIB!)

I have the nursery on my mind 24/7!!

Everywhere I go, I'm scoping colour schemes, cute dressers, and thinking up ideas for handmade prints that will grace the walls...

This light blue / ivory combination popped up yesterday while I was enjoying a decaf coffee and a cupcake with my lovely friend, Loraleah. Pregnant girls LOVE cupcakes apparently ;)

She gave me the sweetest gift...the What to Expect When You're Expecting book!! Can you believe I didn't already have one?! 

I now have a good start at the full set...

What to Expect BEFORE You're Expecting
What to Expect WHEN You're Expecting
What to Expect THE FIRST YEAR

Also along the lines of the nursery, we've officially started this huge project. The guest room has been used as storage up until now, and after getting rid of 3 BOXES of books and 5 FULL garbage bags, we're making a serious dent. 

Here's the original "before" pic...

And after hauling out the junk that we both can't believe we moved INTO our home...

Looking a little better. Still tons to do! I'm going to repaint the whole room...but I'm not 100% sure on what colour yet. All I know is that I like really bright/airy nurseries, instead of punchy and bright "kids"-looking rooms. 

ALSO....we have big news!


While we were in Toronto this past weekend visiting Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Scott, we popped into this sketchy warehouse of a store in search for the perfect crib. 

We were shocked with how many options there were!! And after much discussion, we made the purchase :)

Planning to pick it up on Thanksgiving weekend :)

Here are a few other shots from Toronto...!

Cousin Ivy & Evelyn!!

We're planning to start reading about how to create a super smart baby genius pretty soon... 

Just kidding, but actually we're both pretty excited to learn more about how babies think and grow. 

Before I even got pregnant, I planned on walking for at least 30 minutes a day during these 9 months and so far so good :) 

So that's pretty much everything that's new and exciting!!

Oh, two more things:

1. You're the size of a raspberry :)
2. You make my nails grow at a ridiculous speed. 

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