Monday, 30 September 2013

sleeping for two weeks straight

Please excuse the gap in my blogging over the last few weeks...

It's 100% due to the fact that I've been sleeping CONSTANTLY. Literally between weeks 9-11 my day looked something like this:

9am: get up.
12pm: take a nap.
5pm: wake up from nap.
10pm: bed.

WHAT?! I swear I got nothing done, and blogging was certainly on that list. 

But now I'm just about 12 weeks (Wednesday to be exact), and just as the books mentioned, my energy is starting to come back. I feel like a superhero this morning because it's after 12pm and I'm not napping!

AND to top it off, I shot a 12 hour wedding on Saturday and photographed 6 mini sessions on Sunday. And somehow I've managed to get through it all with only a 2 hour nap. 

Loving this feeling of entering the second trimester!

On Wednesday we have our first ultrasound, and that's when we'll hear the heartbeat for the first time. I'm actually pretty nervous...since there's definitely a part of me that's expecting the ultrasound technician to say something like, "'re not pregnant! There's no baby in there! WEIRD that they told you you were pregnant..."

But my lovely husband reminds me of things like my sore boobs and how the doctor felt my stomach and told me my uterus was growing properly. 

Regardless, at least I didn't have to take my naps alone...

I'm counting down the days before I can announce the pregnancy to Facebook and my business blog!

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