Wednesday, 24 September 2014

eating and sitting...when did that happen?

IT'S FALL! Coop is ready -- sweaters with elbow pads and all.  

He has also decided that it's about time he start sitting on his own. We are still piling pillows around him for when he changes his mind and falls over, but he's getting more stable by the day. 

A certain little mister has also started SWIMMING LESSONS! To my great delight, he loved it. The first lesson went phenomenally. His instructor is a sweet young girl named Bronwyn. We sing songs, push the babies around in a little floaty boat, and practise blowing bubbles. 

In my work life, I'm busy getting ready for the wedding show! 

Ryan and I are pretty proud of this stencilled sign we made -- man was that tedious...!

I was delighted to see a HUGE photo I took in Sarah's studio last week :)

And we had the loveliest lunch at Von's right after. 

Coop has also started baby-led weaning! He was showing an interest in food whenever we were eating, so we started him a tad early. He is obsessed now... This morning I was trying to eat a piece of toast right after feeding him and he was kicking around on his playmat and practically squealing, trying to get at it. 

We are still trying to work up to 3 consistent meal times in the highchair a day, but it takes some getting used to! 

With the arrival of fall comes new boots...

And homemade molasses cookies...

And playdates with friends! Coop really liked his friend Charlotte's jumper :)

Confirmed by the 2 and a half hour nap that followed...

Speaking of naps... I'll end this post with a few photos of our morning snuggle routine with Weezydog :)

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