Thursday, 18 September 2014

you little chunker

SEPTEMBER 18th, 2014

Hey chunky boy. I love you. 

I love our days together. I love walking into your room in the morning and seeing you kick your feet because you're just so excited to start the day. I can't believe we've already started baby-led weaning -- there was a time when that seemed so far away!

You've tasted bananas, cucumber, toast (a big hit!), sweet potato, mango, apple slices, a chunk of chicken, and broccoli (another fave). Seeing your confused face when you try something's just the best. Also, I've been having fun buying all these random fruits and veggies from the grocery store, even though I look like a crazy person checking out with one apple, one mango, one kiwi, and one sweet potato, etc.

Today you had your very first "class!" It was a songs & stories class at the library. You made a couple new friends (AKA stared a few other babies down) and then you got really scared of this big blue stuffed animal that the instructor carried around the room. You cried, but we all know you're just a faker.

Tonight is your very first swimming lesson! Please don't cry baby... I know water hasn't been your favourite thing so far in life (side note: why must you look so scared and uncomfortable in the bath?!), but I've chosen this pool specifically because I hear it's warmer than others. I sincerely hope you just LOVE it and you become a fish like your mama...but let's not get our hopes up. 

One last thing...I am not impressed that you currently fit into something that's 12-18 month size. STAY LITTLE LONGERRRR!

love, mom

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  1. The before last picture kills me! How adorable!!!! :) These letters are going to be amazing memories for mom and dad AND the little guy when he grows up.