Monday, 8 September 2014

iphone photos from august

August flew by. 

Although, when I look back at some of the photos I took on my phone, I realize it was jam packed with beautiful days, working on the backyard, working on my business, and having fun with Coop. 

Ry left for 4 days in Toronto earlier in the month...

Which left me with my evenings all alone after Coop went to sleep, so I decided to re-do my entire website in mobile format :)

Ivy and Evelyn were staying in Ottawa for a few days which was lovely! We spent one afternoon at the splash pad near our house. It's hard having 3 little ones and trying to find a free hand to take photos... 

My Ivy-girl and I made cupcakes :)

While Ryan was away, I was part of a big shoot with my friend Sarah. It felt great to be working with these beautiful ladies again!

I caught a Redblacks game and enjoyed the front row...

Here are a few photos of Coop lounging around in his jammies:

Progress on the backyard!

Model home shopping (our favourite activity)...

A beautiful gift from a friend of mine. Perfect for the shelf in Coop's room!

Aaaaand I'll finish this off with a few photos of our growing boy...

I can't believe I'll be taking Coop's 5 month photos this week...! We have a few ideas in mind, and the chalkboard is ready with that big number "5."

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