Thursday, 20 November 2014

iphone photos from november

The November blog past has to start with the morning of my birthday, of course.  The day started off with breakfast in bed, a hot shower, and logically...model home shopping.  

The most beautiful flower delivery from my Aunt and Uncle in Toronto!

And shopping at Rideau Centre for my new bag...ahh!

We have a project on our hands: decluttering every nook and cranny in the entire house before January 1st. This mayyyy get amended to January 31st, but we are optimistic.

I make Ry try on ridiculous vests every chance I get :)

One morning we woke up to see the line of trees in our backyard all lit up by a bright orange light. I could have sworn the forest was on fire, but it was just a particularly intense sunrise.

Coop playing with one of his current favourite toys: a pink toothbrush. We kindof wish it was a blue toothbrush but hey, whatever works.

A new pair of jeans for Coop from H&M and they come with SUSPENDERS! They're still a little big, but these jeans deserve their very own photoshoot as soon as they fit.

We take our jobs very seriously.

A trip to Le Nordik was my Mother's Day gift this year, but we wanted to wait until the weather was cooler to really enjoy the hottubs. Coop and Weeze spent the day at Nana and Grandpa's house and Ry and I thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing day off.

Coop thinks I won't notice that he took his pants and socks off...

First carwash ever in the new car! (Well, the car isn't exactly new, seeing as how we got it just before Coop was born...but anyway.)

More iphone photos from November to come, including our weekend in Toronto for Evelyn's birthday :) YAY!

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  1. The face Coop is making in the picture of him with Weezy and his toy turtle is amazing. I laughed so hard. Such a cutie! Thx for sharing :)