Tuesday, 19 May 2015

mother's day with my boys

It was a perfect morning. 

I woke up with the sunshine in my face, beside a husband who smiled at me and said "happy mother's day babe." He asked me what I wanted first: my card, my gift, or my breakfast in bed. I wanted the card so bad! And it didn't disappoint. After opening my gift and eating my chocolate chip pancakes in bed, we heard that familiar little noise from down the hall. Bubs was up!

Ry brought him into our bed and we played for a long time. Coop is the giggliest he's ever been right now. You can make him laugh so easily; just a few rubs of his tummy and he's all giggles. 

I remember feeling like we had this whole day ahead of us, with no real plans until close to 4pm. Ryan kept stressing to me that this was MY day and I could choose how we spent it. All I wanted was to be with my boys and soak up every second of it. I think I'm missing my monthly photoshoots with Coop, and since mother's day popped up on Coop's thirteenth month, I figured I'd get the camera out for a minute or two.

Coop, you're thirteen months old and it just keeps getting better and better. 

It gets better because you're just so fun to be around. It gets harder because you're go-go-go-go-go and sometimes the afternoons are long. But then you'll go down for a three hour nap and I'll realize around hour two and a half that I miss your laugh.

Your list of favourites goes something like this:
  • bottles (we simply can't get you to wean off of formula, you're obsessed)
  • bags filled with stuff that you can slowly unpack all over the floor
  • clapping your hands (that's new!)
  • banana eggos (frozen or toasted, you don't discriminate)
  • stealing toys from weezydog, then throwing them back
  • your grandparents
  • dad's water bottle
  • these two tiny plastic whiskey bottles that you found in dad's nightstand
  • the swing
You do NOT enjoy the following:
  • when mom takes something away from you
  • when your bottle is empty
  • riding in the car without either a bottle, a soother, a snack, or a toy
  • wearing a hat
  • when mom says you can't unplug the computer
Something happened and suddenly you look like a boy and not a baby. Maybe it's the arrival of shorts and t-shirt weather. These days you wear nothing but cute tees and polo shirts. You're so so so so close to walking, but we know you're just taking your sweet time so that you can skip the walking and go right to running. As for words, you don't say a whole lot other than mama and dada and we're starting to think when you say "ma" you mean "more."

I hope we never ever forget your little trick where if someone says "oh no!" you put your hands on your head and smile. We say "oh no" a whole lot just to see you do it; it's too funny.

We are just smitten with you, mister baby. It's pretty crazy actually, how you have us both just totally in love. It's hard to believe that you're not going to be the littlest person in our lives in a few months -- we hope you're going to be good with your sister! You have to love her as much as you love weezydog, okay? You just have to. Except that you can't pull her hair and fall on top of her for a hug. Thirteen months looks pretty good on you, my sweet boy!

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