Wednesday, 4 May 2016

iphone photos from april

I can't think of a better way to start a month than with a day at the spa with a great friend. Loraleah had baby G in January and instead of a baby present, I gave her a mama present. A day at Le Nordik and a bottle of bubbly -- can't beat it. She treated herself to a massage and I enjoyed a treat at the Mezz cafe :)

Much needed relaxation for two moms of two <3

We had some really strange weather in April. Some days were like this:

Some were like this:

And then back to this:

It was 90s week at barre and I made it to 4 classes because 90s is my jam, and Sarah T. as sporty spice just kills me.

Jilly started crawling like a crazy little person this month <3 It is my whole life watching her scoot around and discover new things about the house each day. Good thing we're toddler proofed! I can handle anything you got, Jillygirl. 

Cooper enjoys seeing a sneak peek of some of his birthday party materials :) I had to hide the balls though, otherwise he'd FREAK.

Special shout out to Uncle A-ros for coming in from Cali for the party. We love him. And Cooper loves his new Nikes.

Special shout out to Auntie Brit who never misses a thing in our kids' lives.

And last but not least, a special shoutout to Uncle Scott, coming in from Toronto to celebrate Coop turning two. Couldn't have chosen a more perfect middle name for our little man. Also...this photo of Jilly is my LIFE.

Year zero, one, and two <3

Cooper's birthday breakfast with Nana and Grandpa at Zak's Diner :)

Followed by a visit to his fave place: the Tanger Outlets playground.

Ryan starts folding his clothes like a serial killer this month.

The kiddos celebrate their Grandpa's birthday :)

And mama goes to "brunch club" at 3pm with the craziest bunch of ladies I've ever known. 

Jilly's first time in the cart = one happy little lovey.

Another peek at the progress that's happening in the bedroom makeover. It's aaaaalmost ready for a photoshoot. 

Tulip leftovers from the second Laura Kelly Workshop. It was such a great group of ladies! It makes me super excited for workshop 3 & 4.

And here's our last look at April -- dropping the babies off at my parents' house as we head to Banff for the most amazing trip with Kevin and Anna. The babies were in good hands with two of their favourite people ever.

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  1. Love the bedroom now! Ah! I would love some Ottawa brunch recommendations, if the brunch club has any!! ;-)