Tuesday, 5 September 2017

iphone photos from july

Every morning as soon as I open Coop's door he asks, "what day is it?"

Some days it's Monday, some days it's Tuesday (you get the idea), but regardless of my answer his next question is: "tomorrow is a weekend day?!" 

Canada Day made these weekend-happy children come alive with all of their favourite things: stickers, themed outfits, breakfast at Nana and Grandpa's, and a visit to the fair.  

Cloudy skies didn't ruin our day! We actually got super lucky with the rain and stayed dry all afternoon. 

First family ride on the carousel. Jilly liked it nowhere near as much as her brother. Cooper was forever saying "again! again!"

Patio furniture was delivered just a few days before the scheduled pergola building day!

Cooper's favourite breakfast food: "egg bread."

Soaking up these happy summer evenings together after school :)

Lots and lots of engagement sessions around the middle of June! Everyone is loving those long sunsets and 30 degree days. 

Shortly after this though, my beloved 50mm lens decided to explode for no reason. The new one turned out to be pretty great though :)

Date night with Walsh!

Started with drinks at Andaz, then a steak and lobster dinner at The Shore Club. I will never forget this super fun night.

Empty deck, pergola building can begin :)

I still cannot believe how smoothly this whole process went...

Prep for Jilly's birthday party at the end of the month. You've already seen it, but if you missed it you can get caught up here!! 

No big deal, just a suuuuuuper last minute batch of mini cupcakes for the kiddos at Jilly's school. 

Finished! All it needed at this point was the white curtains :)

Party day finally arrived! I had a few photos on my phone, but everything else will be in this post

Mom and Dad to a 2 year old and a 3 year old! <3

Getting re-organized after the major office renovation. I had 6 of these big white bins filled with stationery, crafting stuff, office supplies, and paper products. I got rid of a lot of stuff and ultimately ended up consolidating into one clear plastic organizer. So much better!

Our last weekend in July was spent at the movies (Despicable Me 3), at the beach, and at home with all of Jilly's super cool new toys. Such a great end to an amazing month!

Faves <3

PS -- don't blame me for doing the July post in September. #WEDDINGSEASON is all I'm gonna say about that ;)

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