Tuesday, 5 September 2017

prince edward county weekend with the girls

It started with an email from Brittany, asking if we've seen this ADORABLE new motel in Prince Edward County! Two clicks later, I was sold -- I needed to be at the June Motel and ASAP. Sarah, Brittany, and I merged our calendars and set a date, added a second Brittany just for fun, and set off for a lovely mid-week weekend girls trip!

Obsessed!! <3

We spent two nights in this room, having the BEST time. From getting ready, to winding down after the wineries, to turning up and playing a drinking game or two, good times were had here. 

First stop: the beach. It was the solar eclipse and Walsh would have preferred to hide inside with the blinds closed, but instead, we laid on the beach and tried on some solar eclipse glasses for a better view ;)

Dinner at the Drake, and the scene of the crime where 200 mosquito bites would find themselves on my feet and legs. 

A video to remember our trip:


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