Tuesday, 11 February 2014

week thirty-one


I just sent off my little v-day gifts for this year's clients, and stuffing the envelopes with little kisses while trying not to eat them all proved to be challenging. 

And in the name of love week, I have fallen in love with this extremely active little one...

New and interesting things from this week:
  • We met the doctor who is going to deliver the baby!! Dr. Millar was better than we could have hoped for and we love his style. Favourite quote from our consult this morning:
"I'm somewhere in the middle between 
laissez-faire and uptight-crazy."
  • We went for the info session at the hospital and it was quite informative. There's a bath in every labour room…and that sounds wonderful.
  • My pelvic muscle tightness is leaving, thankfully. 
  • Cravings now also include French Vanilla's from Tim's. 
Oh and check this out, we've been putting our parenting pants on and doing things like budgeting, saving money each month, and figuring out when and where house #2 will happen. It's all very exciting :)

While perusing a beautiful four bedroom model home in Barrhaven the other day, we were admiring a little mud-room space that had 3 cubbies with hooks (for backpacks and things), and Ryan randomly named our three children:

Cooper, Chase, and Madison 

He just kind of blurted it out and we both liked it. Sooooo, this baby will likely be a Cooper or a Chase. Just sayin'! 

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  1. Love those names and love the updates!!! All the best to you in what can be considered the home stretch :)