Tuesday, 12 August 2014

a weekend in oakville

We haven't taken a trip to the GTA since before we had Coop!

In retrospect, I'm so glad we waited until now to take him because he has recently switched from a once-an-hour feeding schedule to once-every-three-hours. It would be way too difficult to do a 5 hour drive or a day at the zoo/aquarium if I had to feed him constantly. 

We hit the road Friday morning and made our way to Oakville at a leisurely pace, arriving at around 4:00pm. We hung out with the girls and had a delicious BBQ in the backyard :)

Ivy is completely obsessed with Coop. Every time I see them together, my heart explodes a little bit. She wants to hold him, put blankets on him, feed him, and she sweetly offers him all of her toys... 

While we got settled and unpacked, Ivy pushed Coop around the neighbourhood.

We had a delicious BBQ in the backyard :)

Every summer meal must end with a trip to the park...

Coop had his very first swing with help from Uncle Scott :)

He's not 100% sure about it...

On Saturday morning, Ryan and Coop and I went into the city to visit the new(ish) Ripley's Aquarium! Well, first we visited with our friend Iryna :) We checked out her amaaaazing apartment building and then had breakfast at Aroma Espresso Bar. 

Conveniently, her apartment is across the street from the Aquarium. Coop slept for most of it, but woke up after we finished the moving-sidewalk portion and we saw that he was fascinated with looking at the tanks. So when we got to the end of the line, we went back and did the whole thing again :)

After a hot dog outside the Jays game, we headed back to Oakville to shower, feed Coop, and join Scott, Rebecca, and the girls at the Oakville Jazz Festival!

Everyone crashed into bed as soon as we got home. We needed some rest for our big day at the zoo on Sunday! (photos coming soon!)

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