Monday, 11 August 2014

i blame the iphoto update...

I haven't posted any regular day-to-day iPhone photos in quite some time. 

I blame the iPhoto update that required a complete reboot to finalize. Are you kidding me, Apple? You think I have time to restart this computer while I'm continuously uploading photos into the cloud for work? Nah. 

But three and a half weeks later, when my phone told me I didn't have enough storage to take a single photo, I sucked it up and forced myself to complete the update. 

Begrudgingly. BUT I'm happy that I finally have these photos to share! From the JT concert, to patio's what's been going on lately:

We watched one of Andrew's games under a beautiful summer sunset.

And did some other very summery things, including making ice cream sandwiches...

And taking evening strolls around the plaza... 

Tis the season for wedding consults, and it seems like every other night I'm meeting with new brides and grooms for 2015/2016 weddings. Loving my caffeinated beverages these days!

iPad, coffee, moooore consults :) 

This is my busiest time of the year (four beautiful weddings in six weeks!) and I've been spending a lot of time in this chair. In the midst of the editing and uploading, I decided it would be the perfect time to remake my entire website! Yippee! I'm a little crazy, but I am already enjoying the fruits of my labour with some recent bookings :)

Coop has been hanging with the ladies, and mom loves getting snapchat updates.

Aaaaaand it's PATIO BUILDING TIME! Ry has been working like a maniac (with help from Dad, Ange, and C-ros obviously). The patio has been a major project, much bigger than we both expected. It is coming along beautifully. More photos to come!

After putting together the patio table and de-stickering the Ikea chairs, we took a little vodka lemonade break (with a side of cheezies, of course!). 

Last week we also celebrated Mom's 60th birthday! We had a lovely night for sitting on the patio at Canal Ritz. 

The gift from all of the kids was a group family session that we'll be doing on Thanksgiving Sunday! We are pretty excited :) Can't wait to see all 3 grandkids together in a few pics. 

A few recent iPhone photos of Coop...

ALSO, can't forget the JT concert with Kimmy! Best night :)

Oh yeah, that time there was a little black pig in our backyard. Barrhaven is strange sometimes.

Coop's 5 month photo shoot outfit arrived in the mail, eeeee! It's still a tad big, that's why we're waiting another month :)

I started a little crafty project this week -- finally hanging some of my favourite instagram prints! It's aaaaalmost done now, I'll post a better photo then!

Finishing this post with my favourite photo of Coop in his jammies :)

He's getting so big! 

We just got home from our first ever family road trip, so my next job is to edit and post those photos! :)

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