Thursday, 6 August 2015

one week old!

You're one week old, Miss Jillian!

You are the sleepiest, cuddliest baby ever and we are savouring every minute of it. Highlights from the week include:

  • Your birth, obviously. That was a great day.
  • Meeting your big brother for the first time. He kissed your face a whole bunch of times and gently put his hand on yours. He loves you already.
  • Pooping on dad.

Other than that, you pretty much slept through everything else. But we've taken you all kinds of fun places: the Rideau Centre, Big Rig with the softball team, the grocery store. We walked through the neighbourhood to pick up some dinner one night and it poured rain on the way back. We used all the blankets we had to keep you warm and dry, and the other three of us got soaked. 

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