Monday, 3 August 2015

iphone photos from july

I had a feeling that the "iphone photos from july" blog post would be far from my mind after having a baby, so I made sure to prep for it all month long :) The month kicked off in a huge way with the unforgettable TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT! Such a good night with my best girls. 

Cooper also played with his first real art supplies this month. I bought a huge roll of easel paper and taped it to the kitchen table so that he could go wild with finger paints and markers. It's good for about 30 minutes of entertainment. 

The boys spent a sunny Saturday at Mooney's Bay for Hope Volleyball. I had a couple of shoots but joined them in the middle of the day for a bit. It's tough being 9 months pregnant in this crazy heat, you guys!

I bought this cute necklace from Aldo and planned on wearing it to our maternity session, but in the end it didn't suit the whole look. I'm now looking for an excuse to wear it...

Speaking of jewellery, this amazing pair of earrings came in the mail from one of my brides! I love them so much and they ended up fitting with the maternity shoot outfit perfectly. So, Jamie...when you see my maternity photos look out for your gift! <3

The three of us shopped for a few pieces of clothing for the new baby. 

And as a little last minute bonding time, Coop and I went to Valleyview Little Animal Farm on a beautiful sunny day. His favourite part was the little train ride around the corn field, and he seemed most interested in the peacock of all animals.

We are currently watching Full House on Netflix while we play, and Coop LOVES the theme song. It's a full minute long and we listen to the whole thing twice with each episode.

Ry made a chicken that made me actually like chicken.

Coop is obsessed with books right now. He can spend a good 20 minutes by himself in a corner of the playroom with a pile of books, just leafing through them and looking at the pictures.

Pool day with Loraleah and Luca was definitely a highlight of July :)

The hot tub comes TOMORROW! This photo was taken mid-month during some hot tub prep by my two boys. It has been quite the process, from digging a trench and finding out that our house is built on what must be the Canadian Shield, to buying and installing all of the electrical materials. 

That first hot tub dip is going to be SO GOOD.

A quick selfie before heading out the door for our maternity photos :) 

I think it's fitting to end this post with a photo from the night before going into labour... Ryan and I dropped Coop off for an hour at Nana and Grandad's and had a little impromptu date night at Menchies. I posted this photo on Instagram with a comment about how you just want to savour every moment before your life is about to change. 

Little did I know, our baby girl was already planning her arrival :)

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