Friday, 24 July 2015

the end of an amazing pregnancy...

Pregnancy updates were totally abysmal this time around, and I'm blaming an adorable little creature who is just learning to walk and requires lots of undivided attention. Well...actually I'm going to blame half of it on Coop and the other half on wedding season. Getting photos to my clients FAST has been a huge priority this Summer. I wanted to feel like if I went into labour at any time, at least everyone has their images. 

I will never forget shooting that last wedding pre-baby on July 18th, and working my butt off to get everything edited and sent to the client by Tuesday evening. That was a record for sure. 

Every time I would try to write a pregnancy update, I'd get a few sentences in and then Coop would decide that I've spent enough time in my office chair. Instead of trying to remember how I felt nine weeks ago (or even last week for that matter), I've just decided to post these half-written entries in hopes that they'll make some sort of cohesive thought when read together.


Miss moo, I'm twenty-eight weeks pregnant with you and it snuck up on me in a huge way. I was hanging out with Allison and Charlotte when Ally informed me that we were both in our third trimesters. I literally went straight to my pregnancy app to double check it because I thought there was a huge mistake. 

But yes, here we are! I know I haven't been as diligent in knowing what size fruit you are at any given time, but I promise I don't love you any less than your big brother when he was in my belly! 


Sweet little girl, I like you already. Genuinely, I feel like I'm just really enjoying your company.

You kick me at all hours of the day to remind me of your presence. It's my absolute favourite :) You kick me during barre class when you like the stretch I'm doing (and when you want me to be finished with the low-C-curve part). I've been getting your room together a little bit over the last few weeks. Bubble gum pink walls, sweet white and gold posters for the walls, cute little seashell hooks for your girly clothes...

I'll admit I'm a little bit nervous to manage both you and your brother at the same time...but I'm hoping that you're going to be a champion sleeper like Cooper. 

Here are some things you might want to know about my pregnancy with you (when you're older and you care about things like this):
  • You have me craving chocolate, iced caps, pineapple, and strawberries
  • You've given me zero back pain or discomfort, although it is getting a bit tougher to turn over in bed
  • I am thinking the perfect birth day for you would be around August 4th or 5th, so please don't hang out in there too long


Doctor's appointments are pretty much the bane of my existence this is the run down every time:

Making an appointment.
Arranging a babysitter.
Planning out Coop's naps accordingly.
Driving out to the Glebe.
Sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes while having to pee. 
Getting moved into the second, smaller waiting room. 
Being asked, "how are things?"
Replying, "things are great!"
Being asked, "do you have any questions?"
Replying, "not really, nope!"
Then being told that you're measuring crazy big, like 39 weeks when I'm only 34 weeks along, for example. 

But now that I'm 37 weeks, the appointments get fun and exciting. I had one on Wednesday and found out that I'm already 3cm dilated and fairly effaced, which basically means we're less than 2 weeks from meeting you! It's actually all feeling very deja-vu, except I was 38 weeks instead of 37 weeks at this stage last time.

The big question right now is whether you'll be a July baby or an August baby. Want to know something kinda funny? There was a time when I wanted your middle name to be "August." I think it would be so hilarious if it turned out you were born in July with a middle name August. 

A few pregnancy updates from the last few weeks:
  • You move around so much still! But you haven't done any crazy huge flips in the last two weeks because there's probably no space.
  • You've been giving me heartburn with almost every meal. Worst heartburn comes from coffee, meat, greasy stuff, peaches, and grapes. 
  • Your dad thinks your birthday will be July 29th. 
  • I think it will be August 3rd.
  • Cooper has no idea that there's a new baby coming. He's still too little. He'll never remember his life before you, either. We're hoping he's more gentle with you than he is with Weeze. Aww, Weezy! I just pictured you cuddled up to him and my heart couldn't take it. He's the best dog in the world, you're so lucky :)
It's getting weird to think that my pregnancy days are numbered. I mean, of course they're numbered being that it's almost time to have you, but also because we think we'll only have two babies, so this will probably be the last time I'm pregnant ever...for the rest of my life! 

Sweet baby girl, I can't wait to see your little face. I can't wait for you to fall asleep in my arms. I can't wait for you to meet your big brother. I can't wait to see your dad pick out a girly little dress for you to wear. It's going to go by in a blink, but I'll do my best to slow it down and take pictures so you can look at them when you're older. 

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