Thursday, 4 February 2016

jillian turns six month old!

The day you were born doesn't feel like it was six whole months ago, little Jilly. It feels like mayyyyybe three months since we bundled you up in your carseat for the first time and drove home from the hospital with all the excitement in the world. 

Pretty wild that you slept in your crib that same very night, your first night outside my belly! But now that we're six months into this beautiful life with you, it kindof make sense. You've been nothing but easy since day one... (Well, maybe I'm forgetting a week of really struggling with breastfeeding, but that's not your fault.) 

You started looking like "you" around four months. Those big blue eyes opening up, your brown hairs getting replaced with blonde ones. Since then, you've grown into beautiful little girl. We recently discovered that you're ticklish! You have the tightest grip on our fingers, the cheekiest girlie smile, and the happiest demeanour when you're riding in the car. Just days before turning six months, you decided that it was time to play with toys. Your favourites include stuffed animals, whatever Cooper is currently holding, and the ferris wheel toy that suctions to the table. There is now drool on EVERYTHING. 

Happy six months pretty girl!

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