Tuesday, 1 March 2016

iphone photos from february

LOVE MONTH!! My fave <3 Here's weezydog showing off his new haircut:

This little Miss is sitting well on her own now. We still stick a pillow beside her in case she decides to bail left.

Ry took a trip to visit one of his buddies in LA, and he sent me photos the whole time he was there. It made my day knowing he was having a great time :) 

We communicated through snapchat and FaceTime mostly :)

Unfortunately our world at home kinda fell apart while Ry was away. It started with a 24-flu for me, a raging ear infection for Cooper, a cold for Jillian, and another cold for me just to round it all out. 

Cooper definitely had it the worst :( He was feverish, sleepy, cuddly, and just altogether not himself.

Personality starting to come back...

Thankfully this little honey stayed the healthiest of us all.

New book club book arrived, and it's LONG. Five hundred pages, for the shortest month of the year. Oh, this will be good.

New shirt for Jilly girl. Can she please grow another inch so she can wear it!?

First food in 4 days for this little guy.

Cooper went back to school just in time for Valentine's day with his buddies. I whipped up these little treats for his classmates <3

There is art on the fridge, y'all. I never thought this day would happen but here it is. The little valentine's card he made at school was just too cute to stick in a drawer. I'm softening...

The weekend at ENGAGE was a total blur. Friday was a major errand day, Saturday was set up, and Sunday was the show.

Best booth helper in the game.

Possibly my favourite thing ever...seeing Ry bringing in a dozen roses at the Chateau Laurier after the show was over. He knows he so well, he picked off all the green bits and tied them with twine.

Why jump when you can pass out instead?

New canvasses for the playroom :)

Weezy snaps!

Oooooookay, remember the 50cm snowfall day? Insanity. Ry worked from home thankfully, so we spent the whole day inside and conquered the shovelling at 8pm. It took us an hour just to dig out the Yaris and make a little path for him to get out of the driveway.

Might have to do some snow-brushing before we hot tub...

It was too cold for Weezy. And definitely too cold for the SUV. She had to be towed away and get a new battery.

My favourite part of this next picture is that in the full size version he's not wearing any pants.

This dog channels my inner mood.

Two dudes sharing a grilled cheese. 

The 6-minute tidy that I try to do twice a day :)

We have been enjoying the new face-swap feature on snapchat. Cooper thinks it's hilarious and it's easily 20 minutes of entertainment.

So out of control. Some face swaps are better than others...

Coconut milk hot chocolate <3

Dad week at swimming lessons :)

We started eating mostly vegan at home around the end of February. We've been cooking SO much food and the fridge is insanely stocked. Pictured here is Ry's delicious tofu pad thai :)

I'll end this post with a side by side of Jilly and Coop at the same age. Can't handle their twinning. 

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