Tuesday, 29 March 2016

easter weekend in oakville

On the drive down Ry and I were talking about the last time we were in Toronto. Cooper was about Jillian's age, Jilly was still in my belly (of course), and we were selling our house from Scott and Rebecca's office. A whole year later, life looks a lot more full. 

The kids are growing up and they're starting to be able to do more things together. Some photos from our 3-night stay in Oakville:

Obviously Rebecca had an Easter craft at the ready :) 

On Saturday morning we headed into downtown Oakville for an Easter egg hunt in the town square. It was a great day to be outside, but the hunt itself was a bit of a flop. None of our kiddos were able to find an egg, so we decided to consider it a practise round for Sunday morning.

Someone had fun :)


Ivy's declaration was the first thing any of us heard that morning :) 

The best big cousin ever, helping the little ones find eggs <3

Coffee & hot crossed buns. Jilly ate two.

Nana and "Bumpa" arrived in town to Cooper's great delight. 

Off to Carmen & Trish's for a 19-person Easter dinner :) Naturally the kids ended up outside on the golf course with a scooter, a bike, a remote control car, and a frisbee. 

Thinks he's a big kid:

With two sleeping kiddos in the backseat, Ryan and I reflected on the wonderful weekend. We shared our highlights, and thought about just how lovely it is to do things as a family. See you next time, Oakville!

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