Thursday, 7 April 2016

iphone photos from march

March started off with a hint of Spring in the air...

So naturally we bought a pair of rain boots for Mr. Snooze and set off for the park to enjoy the nice weather :)

Auntie Brit had a Friday off <3

I bought two books: one for pleasure, one for bookclub. Which one do you think I started first...

Julia had her BABY SHOWER this month! She's such a sweet mama-to-be, and now baby Jordan is here!! So happy for her <3

We discovered a soy milk that froths in the frother. VEGAN WINS.

Ry made zoodles! AKA zucchini noodles. Aaaaand they were delicious. 

Speaking of veganism, Ry and Sarah and I went to the Green Door for the first time. We really enjoyed it :) Jilly may have enjoyed it the most.

This is the look of "forced snuggles."

The love note of 2016.

Oh yeah! And we finished the fireplace project! I'll post a before and after soon as well :)

Here's a random cat that wandered up to Sarah after a barre class. She's basically Snow White.

This is Jillian in a laundry basket.

My new sample album came in :)

Snapchat messages for IVY! Can't believe she's 5 years old <3

This was Jilly moments before we took off for our road trip on Easter weekend. Wake up, beauty, it's time to go :)

I made the cake for the birthday girl :) 

Aaaand to wrap up this post, here's a pic of my brother and I, creeping in front of the house we grew up in. Isn't it cute? 

In other news, Cooper's birthday is only THREE DAYS AWAY. Major party prep over here! I've been baking up a storm for the sweets table and doing all kinds of DIY stuff. Pics to come! 

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