Thursday, 14 April 2016

our little slugger turns two!

Cooper's second birthday! In a way, time flies. In another, it's crazy to think that two years ago we had ZERO children. That doesn't seem to make sense... 

If you haven't met this little two year old yet, let me tell you one overwhelming fact about him: he's obsessed with baseballs. Softballs, Nerf balls, hardballs, he's not prejudiced. Give him the cardboard from a paper tower roll and in two seconds he'll turn it into a bat. Choosing a theme for his birthday party was a no-brainer, but I still wanted to put a bit of a modern touch on it. 

All the key players were there to celebrate him turning two and we were SO grateful. Coop has the best grandparents, aunties and uncles, and little friends. Such a lucky duck! Some photos from his party: 

Putting a table together is one of my favourite parts of a party. This theme made it so easy to find stuff!

And did I mention the entire party was vegan? This vegan chocolate cake recipe was a big hit :)

Blue Gatorade, naturally :)

I was SO impressed with Ry for finding these baseball themed beers. Everything was on theme :)

Coop slept at his grandparents the night before, so seeing him come inside and look around at his party was pretty cute. He was most excited about the white chocolate dipped baseball oreos...

These two people <3 My loves. Auntie Brit has a special place for Coop in her heart, and there's nothing like seeing your friends love on your kiddos.

Uncle Scott! He came all the way from Toronto for the party. Coop and "Uncle Gock" spent lots of time together. 

This is the part where I got to put my camera down and simply ENJOY the party. It was blissful! Thankful for iDream Photography for capturing the rest of these photos for us <3

Jilly tries a vegan hotdog :)

Everyone signed Cooper's wooden baseball bat and it's one of his favourite things. He might not care about the signatures just yet, but getting to play with a big bat makes him feel all grown up. 

Aaaaand now I start planning Jilly's first birthday! And let's face it...Cooper's third. It's just too fun :)


Happy 2nd Birthday, Bubs. Or Bubba, as you call yourself. Or Snooze/Mr. Snooze/The Snoozer as we sometimes refer to you after an extra long sleep-in.

Sometimes we snuggle on the couch in the late afternoon, between episodes of "Fa-Fa" (Paw Patrol), and we look through the photo books that I've put together. When it's a picture of you as a teeny little baby you say, "Jee!" (Jilly). Then I say "no, it's YOU baby!" and you excitedly say, "YA! Bubba!" You point to your dad, your Nanas, your "Bumpa" and your "Dad-Dad". "Uncle Gock," you know by heart.

I read the text that accompanies a photo from when you were two months, three months, four. The sentiments are always the same:

I love you. You've changed our lives, you've opened our hearts, you've made us love you more each and every day. 

It seems silly reading that now. We loved you at two months? I KNOW we did, but it also seems like we didn't even know you! You're a funny little kid, but you didn't make us laugh back then. You're a loving, snuggly, amazing big brother, but "Jee-Jee" wasn't even in the picture. You are wild and crazy and social, but also reserved and quiet. 

Maybe I'll feel that way when you're seven -- that I barely knew you when you were two. In a way, I hope so, because that means there's still so much of you to get to know. I love you, Snoozer. I love you on good days and I love you on not-so-good days. To quote your favourite book, 

I love your top side, I love your bottom side.
I love your inside and outside.
I love your happy side, your sad side, your silly side, your mad side.
I love your fingers and toes, your ears and your nose.
I love your hair, I love your eyes.
Your giggles, and your cries.
I love you running, and walking.
Silent, and talking. 
I love you through and through, yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.

love mom, 

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