Wednesday, 6 July 2016

iphone photos from june

Leftover mini muffins from a beginner photography workshop :)

She's smiling because this is her first non-headband-bow.

I painted so much white in June, I can barely remember which rooms I did...

Loving this giant poster featuring a photo I took for TDM!

I wish Jillian wore these more than Cooper...

Table makeover begins! This should be finished by mid July, but we'll see if it happens :)

Little details for Jillian's bday :)

Speaking of birthdays -- my bestie and her lavender balloons <3

I had a tassel garland just like this one in my cart on Etsy, at which point I did a quick google to see if I could make it myself. Turns out it takes about 2 hours a little bit of patience :)

Ryan's bday weekend at the cottage <3

Lol probably one of our fave memories: syphoning gas into Andrew's car.

Father's Day breakfast!

Our AC was broken until the very end of June. Can you tell by Jilly's curls?

Dirtiest shirt every day from school. 

I have a good feeling about July <3

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