Thursday 28 July 2016

jilly's first birthday party!

This day! It was just the best. Ry and I had prepared for her first birthday party so much that we were really able to enjoy the day. The food was prepped, the balloons were filled, and the drinks were cold. We were so happy to celebrate our sweet little honey girl as she turned one. 

Massive thanks to everyone who made it to her birthday party (some all the way from Toronto!). It means so much to us to have such good people in our kiddos' lives. We are still in awe at how our friends are SO GOOD at getting the coolest gifts even though they don't yet have babies of their own. Jillian has the best aunts and uncles <3

And to our parents -- the biggest thanks! They are always there to change bums, wipe cake filled hands, and kiss boo-boos. At a party like this, it is the biggest help and we appreciate it. 

Last but not least, thank you to my friend Jess for capturing these photos of Jilly's first birthday party. It is a gift to be able to sit back and not take ANY photos at all, knowing that the party would still be well documented. Thanks Jess for these lovely photos!

I am so happy these sugar cookies are documented. It was a labour of love to bake and ice all of these babies, right down to the black seeds. They got DEVOURED :)

These loot bags were a pinterest idea that came to life. I hand-painted these paper plates and filled them with coloured straw, candies, and little toys. 

So grateful for two babies who had a good nap before the party. I love this shot of the 3 of us taken in a moment of silence before the crazy started.

Watermelon cake-topper sticks -- another DIY project. Basically any excuse to get out the glue gun and I'm there.

Hunting for watermelon items for two months paid off. I just about squealed when I saw these watermelon whiskey punch coolers. 

The birthday girl woke up from her nap. All she needed was to be changed into her party dress and have mama put her pigtails in. 

This little man was in a major funk for most of the party. It's a tough age for him. He doesn't really like the huge crowds or the loud noises, and posing for a photo was not going to be possible. So, instead of wrestling with him, we just let him be. I'm so glad Jess captured a few candids of him :)

These girls! My heart exploded when I saw these.

I'm all about keeping the food simple. We put out a bar for make-your-own-subs and let everyone go wild. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think she'd be walking by her 1st birthday! Cooper didn't start until 16 months so this took us by surprise. It was so cute watching everyone have her take some steps.

Okay -- the kissy face. It's her newest skill and it makes me so happy. She used to only do it after a bite of ice cream or a taste of something sour. Now she does it on command :)

A party hat between two pigtails? I'm in heaven.


Being your mama is a pleasure every single day. You are a ray of sunshine and the sweetest girl I could have ever dreamed of. You have a easy-going spirit and you love with all your heart. Planning this watermelon party has certainly been a highlight of my year and I can't wait to plan parties to celebrate your sweetness for as long as you'll let me. To my bright, beautiful little honey girl, happy happy birthday. 


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