Friday, 2 September 2016

iphone photos from july

July was the perfect Summer month for the Kelly family. A couple weekends away, lots of sunshine, lots of rest. 

Every morning Coop can't wait to climb into Jilly's crib and bounce around with her. 

While Dad was away for the weekend to celebrate Wils' bachelor party, I took Coop to the toy store and told him he could pick out whichever toy he liked. He chose the Chase car and figuring from Paw Patrol. Almost two months later it's still his most treasured possession in the whole world. 

Sassy girl made a new face this month.

Worked so hard on the dining room table project this month and we reached our goal of getting it done before Jilly's birthday party!

Dinner with Steph and Sarah -- so sad but so good. Steph has left us to live in Kingston and we already miss her. 

The weezy dog had to wear a cone of shame for two days to stop him from licking his paw. Poor little muff. 

July was all about getting organized. I love any excuse to use the label maker, let's be honest.

Prep for Jilly's birthday was in full effect :)

These handprinted plates were one of my best creations for her party, I think. It was a super quick project and once they were folded and stuffed with toys, they made adorable loot bags.

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