Tuesday, 25 April 2017

cooper's 3rd birthday party!

It started when Uncle Kevin gave Cooper a dinosaur book with buttons that played all of the different dino sounds. We'd be walking upstairs around 10pm and still hear Cooper saying "rrrrrrrRRRROARRRRR" in his bed, flipping the thick cardboard pages by the light of the LED nightlight.

I started collecting things for his dinosaur themed birthday a few days later. 

To set the tone, a modern dinosaur invitation was sent in the mail to all of Cooper's closest friends (who also happen to be our closest friends...) and his family. For the next two months, I puttered away with all things black, white, teal, and sea-foam green in preparation for a 3rd birthday party that he would really love. 

This was the first year where he could really offer his opinion, so decisions like white cake with white icing, and chocolate dinosaur lollipops -- all thanks to Coop. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in Cooper's life and in ours! What more could a little kid ask for than 16 aunts and uncles, 2 nanas, 1 grandpa, 1 grandad, 4 cousins, 1 sister, and a handful of little friends.

Thanks so much to my friend Jess for capturing these photos from Cooper's 3rd birthday party! It's the best gift ever to be able to enjoy a party like this without taking photos myself <3

Chocolate lollipops for the win!

The fam :) I am so thankful for a husband who helps make my vision come alive. He handles EVERYTHING when it comes to food and drink, so that I can focus on everything else. He even dresses like Sam Neill from Jurassic Park when I ask him to...  

Probably the biggest hit from the party: custom cups for the kiddos in lieu of loot bags!

My girls! 

Uncle Kevin and Auntie Anna <3 Coop and Jilly are SO excited to be the ring bearer and flower girl at their 2018 wedding. I could cry just thinking about it. 

This dino balloon was tied to the light post in our driveway so that everyone knew they were in the right place for a RRROARING good time :)

Cooper Scott and Uncle Scott. My heart!

These girls right here. My ROCKS. My best friends. They are the sweetest Aunties to our babies, and even read to them before bed. I couldn't love them any more than I already do <3  

My favourite moment from the day. He was so excited to blow out his candles he couldn't even wait for the song to end!  

These kiddos are getting so big! Good thing Uncle Andrew and Uncle Chris get them the biggest gifts in town... 

Everyone was genuinely surprised that I blew up the bouncy ball by myself. GUYS. It wasn't that big :)

To everyone who came out to make Coop's dino themed birthday unforgettable, we love you! We know how busy you are, and the fact that you continually come out to support the Kelly kids means the world to us. We love you all!!    

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