Tuesday, 4 April 2017

ride on dude

APRIL 4, 2017

You're so special, kid. You're the sweetest combination of polite and smart and caring and compassionate. You're so gentle with your sister and worrisome whenever anyone is hurt. If I've been coughing in the morning before dropping you at school, then by the time I pick you up you're asking if I'm "all better mama?"

I love that about you. 

I love that you sometimes sleep on the floor and that you like when some of the smarties in your bowl "match." Two yellows or two greens is enough to make you laugh. I love that you need your socks to match and that you insist on doing everything all by yourself. That independent side of you is seriously the best. 

You make me laugh because you know most of the words to Up All Night by One Direction. You also really love Everyday by Ariana Grande. I can tell that music is going to be a big part of your life, just like your mom and dad. 

Your favourite phrases are:

Silly mama!
Silly weezydog! 
No thank you, Jilly!
Daddy's at work? 
Is it a weekend day?
On Friday we bring our blankets home from school?
Can I open Jilly's door?
Where's the school bus going?
One book for rest and two books for snooze?
The moon and the sun are taking turns!

You're almost three and just the sweetest little dude we could have ever hoped for. And just so you know, you traded me 60 seconds of photo-time for 4 jellybeans. You were pleased with our deal, and so was I.


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