Tuesday, 25 April 2017

happy 3rd birthday coop!

I never thought kids could be sweet like you. Or have a huge, gigantic, kind heart like you. I never thought that I could want to squeeze you until you burst because you're so darn delightful. But here we are with a 3 year old little man, who is sweet and kind, hilarious and fun. 

I love the way you say "sfree" instead of "three." I know one day that will disappear but I hope it's never forgotten. Your three year old mind is so active and curious these days, which is why you insist on knowing the name of every song that plays on the radio. Whenever I don't know it, you're confused, as if to say, "mama you should know every song though, because you're the mama."

The dinosaur birthday party came alive before your eyes. Every piece of the puzzle was an extra reason for you to be excited for all of your cousins and friends to come over. It was so lovely to see you give hugs and say "thank you!" after each present. You really do think of others and want everyone around you to be happy. That's a trait you got from your dad, and I'm so glad it was passed down. 

My favourite moments with you are the ones right before bed, when you let me have a little snuggle before we read two dinosaur books and sing "Twinkle twinkle," or "Happy Birthday." I love tucking your little feet into bed and can't wait to see your smiling face again in the morning. 

Three is now my favourite number, because you are my favourite boy. 

Happy Birthday, Snoozer!

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