Tuesday, 4 April 2017

iphone photos from march

March started with a little bit of Spring cleaning. Except Spring didn't follow and the snow just kept falling for basically the entire month. Thankfully my cupboards are still tidy though, so it's a half-win. 

A little bit of porch decor!

March is also a month of frequent client consults in the studio, which means fresh baked cookies :)

We've started collecting things for Jillian's first birthday party... 

A triple layer chocolate cake for no reason <3

DIY wrapping paper for Nathan's birthday!

New spray paint colours in preparation for Coop's third birthday party :)

Can y'all tell I was taking a LOT of Instagram photos in preparation for the workshop? The kids are loving it though, because they have been playing with chalk every other day since I bought it :)

I was mom of the year that day :)

Can't wait to give away one of these sets of instagram prints at the next workshop!

Just causally sitting on top of the couch cushions. Where did this little wild child come from?

The little ones were so excited to bring home Bubbles the fish last weekend! They take turns feeding him and it's so cute :)

Jilly gets a little close sometimes. 

My friend Katelyn's baby shower was so delightful! I didn't take MANY photos, but I did take one of these pretty pink tulips, which were extra special because she's having a GIRL <3

Let's hope Spring comes NEXT month, people :)

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