Wednesday, 5 July 2017

iphone photos from june

June was a fantastic month for making family memories. We had fun stuff planned for every weekend and the kids had lots of first. First time going down the slide in the backyard, first time at Suzy Q, first time making a cake for Dad's birthday.  

Playground building day was so fun :) It was nice to see our friends popping in an out to help!

We went through MUCH sangria this day. No regrets. 

Ry picked out stones for the backyard and he did good :)

When we play Scrabble, spelling sometimes takes a backseat. But we have the best time and that's all that matters ;)

Cat's birthday in a super awesome condo at Lansdowne!

Perfect weather for Jacquie and Jason's engagement session :)

Date night at our favourite little place in Kanata, Via Cibo.

Annual book club photoshoot is the best time ever. 

A little trip to visit our friend's new shop in Wellington West!

Souvenirs :)

One day this month I drove to Prince Edward County and back for an engagement session. I gave myself about 2 hours to shop for treasures in the cutest little shops. 

This shop was ME in a nutshell. I'm only devastated I didn't buy the winking pillows. 

A night at the Redblacks game, with absolutely perfect weather!

Okay, this drink was literally life changing and I need to have another excuse to order it. The "iced aroma" is to die for, friends. 

Yesterday I posted about the office makeover with finished photos, but here are a few behind the scenes of creating it :) I totally hate painting, but it feels SOOOO good when it's done. 

Before and after!

Baking a cake for Dad's birthday! They took turns with the apron from Uncle Kevin and Auntie Anna, but ultimately Cooper won and got to wear it for the rest of the day. 

Car cleaning day is perhaps one of the best days of the Summer. 

Suzy Q with the littlest ones. They obviously loved it :) Jilly ordered the FrootLoop one, and Cooper ordered the London Fog. What can ya say, he's always been an old soul. 

Pretty sure if you ask the kids, this day was their favourite of the month. This church was a hoot for them; walking up and down the stairs, asking to have their photos taken. Loved it. 

And June was the month that RKells decided to pursue a life passion for bread making. 

And we celebrated his birth with drinks on the patio at Atari :)

It was supposed to rain but it turned into a sunset just in time. 

Ry's birthday wish was to go to Popeyes for lunch on his day off. When we were order 28, on his 28th birthday, I knew I needed to document it. 

Polished these little hunnies up a little bit for dinner out with Nana and Grandad for Dad's birthday. If you can't already tell, birthday celebrations lasted for like 6 days straight!

A new cafe opened up in Stitts. Verdict is still out. 

But they have fudge, which made my friend Kayla pretty happy. 

June was the month of Ryan Kelly, so I'll end this post with a photo of the two of us :) 

The month of July starts off with the kids' first carousel ride, so needless to say it'll be another good month for family memories!

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