Saturday, 5 August 2017

cottage weekend with chris & gen

These days, we find ourselves chasing memories. Wanting to spend more quality time with our favourite people, wanting to feel the sunshine on our shoulders and add to the collection of freckles. Breaking out the board games and laughing so hard it hurts. 

On this particular weekend, memories were certainly made. We had the best time hanging out with the kids and our friends Wils & Gen at an Airbnb cottage!  

Laid back breakfast style. 

The place was absolutely gorgeous, and with this fancy kitchen we probably couldn't even classify it as a cottage. 

Late night festivities. I am thankful that this photo exists.  

Two peas in a pod. 

Gen, we will always remember how good these were. Good lord. 

As always, a video to remember our trip!

This is the kind of stuff that happens when I find myself with a weekend off! Isn't it glorious? 

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