Tuesday, 3 October 2017

october pjs and pumpkins on the porch

They're SO into Halloween this year. Actually, they're into EVERYTHING this year. You let them listen to a cool new song on the radio, it's their favourite. You tell them we are going to a bakery to get scones, scones are their favourite. You bring home skeleton jammies and spray paint the pumpkins gold, well did you know that skeleton jammies and gold pumpkins are their reason for living?! 

I love how spirited they are. I love how they give big squeezy hugs and sing songs at the top of their lungs. They're the same size, the same weight, and they want to be the same thing for Halloween (you'll have to wait for that one, friends.)

Getting photos of them on the porch is becoming a little tradition and it only took about 5 skittles to make it happen. We call him Snooze, Snoozer, Mr. Snooze, or Bubba. We call her Jills, Bills, Jilly-billy, and Honeygirl. We love this age and can't wait to spend the holiday season with them. Did I mention that holidays are their FAVE?!

Happy October, everyone!

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