Tuesday, 8 October 2013

an outpouring of love and affection!

Yesterday was just the BEST. 

We were able to finally announce the pregnancy on Facebook now that the 12 week mark has come and gone, and it was just the most wonderful outpouring of love, affection, and above all...EXCITEMENT!

What a wonderful feeling to be "out of the closet" about this! 

After an exhausting weekend (a wedding, book club, spending three hours making cake pops...), I don't really feel guilty about taking Monday & Tuesday as another weekend. That means sleeping in, getting around to some chores around the house, and getting my fill of movie-watching. 

To add to the list of things I've cried about:

FORREST GUMP. Need I say more?! I watched this yesterday afternoon without any cellular distractions and I'm not kidding...I cried for three hours straight.

A DOCUMENTARY ON USAIN BOLT. He was just so victorious. I cried thoroughly at the end when they showed his three wins at the 2012 Olympics. If you know me, you know that I'm pretty disinterested in anything sports related. So this was definitely a pregnancy related tear-fest. 

MR. MOCHIZUKI. I spent the night yesterday with a few lady friends of Loraleah's, one of whom said something about teaching at Longfield Davidson Heights, so I asked if she knew Mr. Mo! I started crying when she said she knew who he was. If anyone can explain that, I'd pay good money. 

OUR REVEAL PHOTO. I had this idea in my head of what I wanted. I was going to use a self timer and take the photo myself. We tried to take it on Sunday morning and it was not happening...the timer was too long, and everytime I checked the photo the focus would change slightly. It was a nightmare. My wonderful husband told me not to cry, and asked why we weren't doing something that was, simply put, "us."

When I asked him what "us" was, he said this:

Selfie, happy faces, real emotion, fun, easy. 

He told me that the staged photo I was planning was the opposite of everything I stood for as a "happy people" photographer. He was right. So after breakfast with my parents, we came home and took the photo that you see above. And I'm just so grateful for how it turned out. And how it was perfectly "us."

(Also, this is my favourite "outtake," because it's seriously reflective of how we feel when we think about a baby coming in six months.)

In other news, my asthma is bad news bears. I haven't had bad asthma like this in years so I'll be seeing my doctor about it on Thursday and hopefully my questions will be answered. Mom raised a good point in saying that the baby might not be getting enough oxygen when my asthma wakes me up in the night...so I definitely want to get this fixed. 

Thanksgiving weekend is coming up! Maybe it's pregnancy related, maybe not...but I can't even properly express my excitement. 

I want to eat an entire can of cranberry sauce.

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