Friday, 18 October 2013

pink or or blue...

Someone please tell me...what's the point of getting an AWFUL stomach flu during pregnancy? Why would anyone do that to a person?

After adding sick-naps to my usual pregnancy-naps, I literally slept away this entire week. 

In the last two days all that's entered my body is a couple of protein shakes and a box of Kraft Dinner (the heart wants what the heart wants...). I'm feeling almost 100% and ready to shoot my last wedding of the season tomorrow, and I must admit I'm pretty excited to road trip with my lovely friends to Making Things Happen in North Carolina. 

In pregnancy news, I've had yet another prenatal appointment, which I declared "boring" in a text to my mother-in-law, who reminded me that "boring" is the best kind of prenatal appointment to have :)

I have booked my 20 week ultrasound where we will find out whether we're having a Mr. or a little Miss!!! I am literally having dreams about what colour balloons will pop out from the cardboard box at the gender reveal party. 

Last night in my dream, they were pink. Just sayin!!

So that's really all there is to be said! Now I'm off to complete my huge to-do list before tomorrow's wedding and Sunday's trip, which includes things like:

- empty out the car completely
- edit all photos
- out of office message
- stock vegetable drawer for loving husband


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