Wednesday, 10 December 2014

coop is eight months old!

My lovely little Coop,

You have a personality and it seems to grow more each month. I feel like we're learning so much more about you as time goes on. For example: leaving you alone with a kleenex box is dangerous. You fill up on toast before even starting on your eggs. You sometimes get frustrated being on your tummy because in your mind you think you should be able to crawl. 

You are eight months old, little Coop! And I just happen to think Christmas time is the most wonderful time to be eight months old. Tissue paper? Christmas ornaments? Staying inside and playing on a snowy, snowy day? These are a few of your favourite things. You also really like to be naked, listen to mommy and daddy talk on the phone, and we think you're starting to develop ticklish armpits. 

Your favourite foods are blueberry yogurt (to rub all over your face, of course), omelettes, toast, raspberries, rice, cheerios, and CUCUMBER. You could eat cucumber sticks all day and night. When you feel like you've got all of the cucumber goodness out of it, you give the rest to Weezydog. He is your best friend in the whole world. We think you sneak him pieces of your food when we're not looking.

Your stocking is hung up and it has your name on it. We can't wait for you to explore all the bags and boxes from your presents this year...! Although we know all you want is another chance to stuff your face with turkey and play with your cousins. 

This is the part where I thank you for being a sleepy little baby. Bed by 7:30pm, and you sleep all the way until about 6:30am when your dad brings a bottle into your crib. You get yourself back to sleep until about 9:00am or 9:30am. Although some days it's been 10:00am and you're still not awake! Mommy gets lots of work done, or enjoys a nice sleep in :)

You make the loudest tooting sounds while we're at the doctor's office and it makes all the heads turn. We love you anyway. 

You're eight months old, and full of love and curiosity. 

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