Saturday, 27 December 2014

coop's first christmas!

It's safe to say Coop loved his first Christmas. What's not to love?! He got to visit lots with all of his cousins, he stuffed his face with turkey and mashed potatoes and fell in love with turnip, and I think he's really enjoying that our living room has been turned into a playroom. 

Cooper loves tissue paper, especially the metallic kind that he can't break apart into a million pieces and eat. He likes the noise of a room filled with rambunctious relatives -- he think's it makes a nice soundtrack for a nap. So excited to have a few photos to remember Coop's first Christmas...

I can't believe we've come to the end of Christmas and now we're jetting off for a week vacation in Florida! Coop in the pool in a little floaty heart will explode. 

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