Friday, 5 December 2014

coop's swimming lessons

Baby swimming lessons are pretty much the cutest thing ever. I've been going with Coop since mid-September and he has changed so much since that first lesson. Every time I hop in the water with him, I wish I had the ability to be in two places at once so that I could document it with my camera. 

I finally had my chance the night Ry joined us for a lesson. Even though Coop never really cracks a smile, I think he LOVES swimming time. He gets very intense about the pool toys that get handed out; you'll see evidence of that a couple times here.

First obsession: the spongy mat that sticks to the pool floor. Obviously meant for eating.

Obsessed with another pool toy. Look at that face...

One thing I'll mention about photographing a swimming lesson: it's absolutely FORBIDDEN. I got in trouble with the head lifeguard for taking pictures because "it's a liability and I could get other people's kids in the photos and it's unauthorized." 

AKA I just had to be extra sneaky while I kept taking photos.

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  1. OMG his face is priceless! Also, you're funny "AKA I just had to be extra sneaky while I kept taking photos". Love it :)