Sunday, 1 March 2015

iphone photos from february

February marked some major life changes for us, including the start of Ry's new job in Arnprior, and our official pregnancy announcement! The first two weeks of the month were extremely busy, as Ry finished up at his old job and prepared for the new one. Nights when he gets home after Coop goes to bed are the worst...

Since February is the month of looooove, I did a little bit of v-day baking between Coop's naps. Maybe he's on a growth spurt or something but he is napping in super long stretches now! I can get a lot done with 2.5 hours of mommy freedom. 

We devoured all of these long before the 14th even hit.

The baby's first ultrasound was so great! Love this photo :)

New pregnancy craving: STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES. Old pregnancy cravings that are still kicking: sour candy things, milk chocolate with no frills (no peanut butter, no almonds), and cheddar cheese scones.

So, maybe it's time for another little announcement...


Ryan's new job in Arnprior has given us the freedom to live anywhere we want and not have to worry too much about the downtown commute. We've stumbled across the most amazing communities in Stittsville and our hearts are now set on it. 

So we started the process of getting our house ready to sell in early February. We've been looking at places since the end of November and we feel super confident that we'll be able to find the perfect home for our little growing family. I'm writing this on a Thursday morning in an extremely tidy home, while a painter is working hard on the main floor doing touch-ups on all the places we've scuffed the walls. 

The photos of our place are being taken tomorrow and the listing will be live next week! Pretty crazy how quickly it all came together (and also kinda crazy how much stuff you can get done around your house when you pick away at it with every spare moment in your day). 

I definitely plan on taking my own photos of our house, even though we'll be using professional shots for the listing. I just love this house so much and never want to forget a single part of it.

I could cry just thinking about leaving it...but I'm also incredibly excited for the next chapter. 

I printed a bunch of photos from our honeymoon to stick in frames for the house. You just can't go wrong with black and whites from Paris...

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