Tuesday, 13 October 2015

a weekend in prince edward county

Hands down, this was my favourite weekend in our almost three years of marriage so far. I am so thankful for Kayla and Jason planning their amazing wedding in Prince Edward County on a long weekend so that Ryan and I could use it as an excuse to skip town and spend some quality time together. 

The sunset over the patio at Huff Estates, where the couple had their first dance:

At the wedding we sipped Huff Estates wine, made friends with the band, and listened to stories of Kayla and Jason from their friends and family.

The morning after the wedding was the first time I could really see our little room that Ryan had arranged at Angeline's Inn. It was modern and quaint and absolutely lovely. The entire weekend was filled with little surprises here and there :)

All of the buildings in PEC have these little quilt-like decals on the sides. Maybe someone reading this post knows what's up with that and can tell us!

Ry didn't fit in the pop up shop van...

Ryan took me to the Bean Counter Cafe and I laughed. 

Sesame bagels and his & hers coffees.

Before our scheduled wine tour pickup, we made a stop by the water. It was a super windy day and it made for some killer waves.

Our first stop was The Devil's Wishbone on The Lake on the Mountain. We were guided through a tasting experience, complete with tiny pieces of dark chocolate, cheese, and olives. 

I'm so glad we actually got to see these plump grapes on the vine, since most other wineries had already harvested. Our tour guide, Daniel, taught us all kinds of things about wine and how the weather affects the grapes. 

He took us to a restaurant called The Miller House for lunch, where the food was almost as good as the view. We shared two platters of charcuterie and watched the Glenora ferry come and go across the bay. 

We tasted a pear cider at The County Cider Company that we both loved, so we picked up 4 bottles :)

And then we casually ran into an incognito Rachel McAdams. Legit. I got all flustered and could barely hear the words coming out of the wine lady's mouth at that particular winery. 

Instead of being uncool and asking for a photo WITH her, I took this creepy stalker photo OF her. Way cooler.

Our last stop was a brewery and I tried 4 different kinds of beer :)

After a nap back at the room and a few episodes of Bar Rescue (hey, it was just GREAT to be relaxing without any children in our care), we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner. 

I ate rabbit in my gnocchi and we each had a lobster souffle that changed our lives.

And to follow up that amazing meal, we went to the Bullfrog Eatery for a super greasy and super cheap breakfast. We were the only two people in the restaurant :)

We took the most leisurely way back to Ottawa, which included a trip on the ferry over to Napanee :) 

We are IN THE CAR, in the middle of the lake! (It was my first in-the-car ferry ride so I was pretty pumped about it.)

By the end of it all, we did start to miss our babies. They were excited to see us later that afternoon and we hung out at my parents' place for a leftover Thanksgiving dinner. 

I can't imagine a better weekend, really. There was a moment during our Sunday night dinner where we looked at each other and said, "this is definitely as good as it gets."

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