Thursday 29 October 2015

this little mouse is three months old

You've given your mama a tremendous gift, little Jilly, I hope you know. 

Ever since your dad and I decided we wanted to have babies, I dreamed of little pink shoes with bows on them, sparkly tutus, and adorable little headbands. And finally...the arrival of a beautiful "you" and now I have all the excuses in the world to get out the glitter and the glue gun. 

You're three months old today and sleeping peacefully as I type this. Your favourite things include:
Attention. You are your happiest when someone is smiling about 8 inches away from your face. Your eyes light up and you become chatty. Coos and gaahs and all of that good stuff. You even let out your very first chuckle this week! I caught it on video and I hold it up to my ear and play it often. 
The swaddle. The tighter the better! I think you love the feeling of being all cozied up in a cocoon. Either that or you realize you can't break out of it so you decide to fall asleep... But I prefer the first.   
Circle game. This is your dad's signature move when you're a teensy bit fussy for no reason. He holds you under your arms and moves you around in big huge circles. Your little eyes don't know where you look and you become zen in less than 10 seconds every time. Dad knows :) 
Kisses from Weezydog. He loves you! 
Your chin being rubbed. Silly girl, it makes you happy every single time and we have no idea why. Probably just a product of getting some one-on-one attention. You do have the cutest little chin on the planet though. 
You're three months old and Halloween is just around the corner. So here you are all dressed up as a mouse. My heart is happy :)

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