Wednesday, 7 October 2015

iphone photos from september

September means the Summer is over and it's time for a routine. After four weeks off from barre, it felt SO good to get in for a class at the very beginning of the month. 

I was nervous to get started again, having never done a barre class not-pregnant before! But I can't even stress how great it was to be moving around, using muscles that I've been working on for 8 months but never really got the chance to "feel." Plus, I was a little nervous about getting two kids out the door by 9:00am. But the more you do something, the easier it gets. Now it's second nature to make it to class 3 times a week :)

Sarah meeting Jillian for the first time! She sees my kiddos more than anyone other than Ryan and I. 

We had our last softball game of the season, but sooooomeone forgot the score pad. So a mini Kate Spade receipt envelope had to do :)

Impromptu driveway hangout with Loraleah and Luca :)

We spent lots of time doing crafts this month. Coop really loves to paint...for about 20 minutes and then he's all done.

When I say paint, I pretty much mean eat the paint.

Date night, my fave.

Cooper eating a cucumber in line at Costco. Whatever keeps him quiet during the checkout, right?

Pumpkin spice lattes and pedicures with my girl, Brit <3

And speaking of caffeine, we went for a walk to Quitters with the kiddos one night.

Jillian tried out the bumbo. It wasn't great.

She was much more at home in the rocketship.

Another dinner date with my love, at a quaint little pub in Carleton Place on the water.

Three babies in the morning:

I photographed 5 weddings in 28 days, and this was the last of them, a gorgeous wedding at Le Belvedere in Wakefield. Only two more to go this season!

A walk to the plaza (a new plaza this time!) to get some boxes of wine from the LCBO. Perfect for the upcoming weekend at the cottage. Cooper is learning how to walk in his new Fall boots. And Ry looks handsome with Jillian's blanket over his shoulder...

Cleaning lady day is my favourite day of the month :) Coop's favourite activity is pulling down those dish towels and opening all of the pots and pans drawers.

Pots and pans, a potato peeler, and an empty garbage can. Typical.


Two babies, but only one has pants on. 

Not sure which one is my favourite... Maybe the last one, the "mid-sneeze" :)

Finally, a successful bumbo for Miss Jilly. Can't wait until she can hang out in here for a good chunk of time while I work :)

This kid loves to dress for Fall :)

 Crazy hair and a mouth full of marshmallows, only at Nana's.

So tired after a great cottage weekend.

And ready for his first day of toddler preschool!!

What did mom and Jilly do while Cooper was at school? RELAX.

And peacefully get groceries, pick up dry cleaning, and finally update our new address at Service Ontario.

Jilly had her first shots and she was a champ!

Here's a view of Cooper as he recovers from a busy day at school.

Well, that was September!! Our second month as a fam of four. 

I'm super excited to see what Jilly looks like at the end of October, since Ryan and I decided that Cooper really started looking like himself at 3 months old :)

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