Monday, 28 September 2015

cottage weekend

After six weddings back-to-back, it was wonderful to find myself with a free Saturday :) Ryan and I packed up the kiddos and headed to The Kelly Cabin on Friday afternoon. We were blessed with the most perfect weather imaginable. 

It had been awhile since Cooper's last cottage visit, and now that's he's running around all over the place, he was really able to explore. 

We barricaded the steps down from the deck and left the front door open all weekend and Cooper came and went as he pleased. It made it very relaxing for us :) 

We made an early dinner on Friday, lit a fire inside, and turned in early. 

On Saturday morning, our friends Chris and Gen arrived. Perfect, perfect weather apparently means man-tank for Chris. 

We sat around doing crosswords as a group, playing with the kids, and soaking up the sun down at the dock.

Like I said, Coop came and went as he pleased. Here he is at the front door making a quick appearance before giggling and running away.

Jilly spent lots of time in the rocketship :)

And after a long day and lots of fun outside, Cooper curled up on the couch with his snooze pig and Jilly's soother. 

Fresh air and a weekend off, it was good for the soul. 

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