Tuesday, 1 September 2015

iphone photos from august

Jillian was only three days old when August came. It already seems like we've had her so much longer than just a month... 

That's definitely the reason that this "iPhone photos from august" post is so long -- every moment of Jilly's life with us needed to be documented! Starting with a trip to Rideau (and our first time really using the double stroller). 

The hot tub was delivered! In a way, it couldn't have happened at a better time because Ry was off work and had the time to hook it up. It was such a dramatic moment when the tub was connected to the power (think Clark Griswold with the extension cord in Christmas Vacation). The jets came on with a vengeance and we were in business. We took a trip to the pool store in town, bought all the things we needed, and we were hottubing by 8pm.

This bottle of wine was significant. We bought it the week before I had Jilly, knowing it would be my first wine since getting pregnant. Exciting stuff, and what better way to have it than from a plastic wine glass in the hot tub...?!

Jilly's outfit for her first softball game. Perhaps she was overdressed... 

Scott took this photo of our first Skype chat. The girls were seeing Jillian for the first time :)

First neighbourhood walk! We picked up Chinese food and it POURED rain on the way home. Cooper gave up his blanket in order to keep Jilly dry. 

Our neighbour, Wanda, holding baby Jilly :) If you're thinking she looks familiar, it's probably because Wanda is Sarah Walsh's mama!

Best advice for new moms? Keep your camera out all the time and take photos often! I'm trying my best to do just that.

Jilly really started opening her eyes more in week 2.

And bubs got sick for the first time ever :( He had some sort of 24 hour flu perhaps. He threw up twice and had a fever for a day and a half. I'll never forget how he slept on my lap for the entire weekend. 

But by Monday morning, he was back to normal :)

Rebecca brought the girls up from Oakville and they stayed for a week. Cooper and Jillian and I got to see them many times during their stay :) It was such a great week for Cooper because he is obsessed with his cousins!

Just your typical dog and baby friendship...

Ryan's parents came over for dinner one night and Ry made homemade pasta :)

This is my view while I'm in the playroom. Cooper takes everything off the shelf and Jilly sleeps on my lap after her bottle.

Ryan scored us tickets to a box at the Fury game, so we left both babies at my parents house and went on a date! It was my favourite day of the whole month, no question.

Somersby? YUP. Not pregnant anymore so that's a yes.

Sunday mornings are for walks to the plaza and strawberry banana smoothies. Cooper is a fan of the McDonald's big breakfast. And for a kid who doesn't really eat much, this is a huge victory. We take what we can get.

More time at Nana and Grandpa's with all the cousins :)

Jilly meeting her Uncle Scott :)

Homemade cookies and steeped green tea for a late night wedding consult at the house :)

Cooper on the left, Jillian on the right. Some things haven't changed!

Cooper likes Timbits and car rides. 

He also likes eating popcorn with a sandbox shovel and not wearing pants.

Kim and Brit and I went to Le Nordik on the Friday before shooting my first wedding post-baby. It was also a super belated birthday gift for Brittany. We had the best time drinking pink champagne and gossiping about our three very different lives. 

Nathalie and Kelso were married the next day, and although I couldn't attend because I was shooting a wedding in Perth, I made it in time for drinks and dancing :)

Cooper loves Nana's playground! 

We discovered that Cooper really enjoys the Madagascar movies. He has never taken a liking to TV, so the fact that he sat and watched something for close to 20 minutes was pretty great. He particularly liked the hypochondriac giraffe, Melman...

Cooper spent the night at Nana and Grandpa's so Ryan and Jilly and I went to Quitters Coffee. Might as well soak up these easy days of having a newborn before the baby part really sets in! We miss this stage with bubs...

Someone's trying to be like his baby sister... :)

August, you were mighty! I'm excited to see what September holds. Hopefully there will be many neighbourhood walks with the double stroller and the changing leaves :)

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