Wednesday, 30 September 2015

jillian is two months old!

Sweet, sweet Jilly...

I plan on gushing about you for the duration of this entire post. You're just the loveliest little girl I could have ever hoped for. Your big blue eyes are really starting to focus in on people, and occasionally we can even get a little smile out of you!

Let's talk about sleep. You're getting better by the day, and more consistent as well. Usually you're swaddled up tight and in your crib with the whales playing on the sleep sheep by 9:00pm. We don't tend to hear from you until about 2:30am, when you want to guzzle down a bottle, have a burp, and resume your sleeping. We always wish the second stretch of sleep was as long as the first, but we get to see your little face again at about 5:30am. At this point, it's about 50/50 whether you'll go back to sleep in your crib, or prefer to cuddle up with your dad in our bed. 

Let's move on to food. You eat a lot, and you're pushing through the feet on all of your 3 month jammies, but like a true lady, you'd never let anyone know that you enjoy eating. You toss and turn your head when the bottle comes close and you really make us work at it. You're a messy eater. We end up putting a kleenex underneath your neck to save your clothes.

Some days are full of sleep and happy eating, other days are tough on both fronts. But that's the baby phase, and we're trying to enjoy this quick moment when you're still little, but secretly we're excited for you to get bigger and show us more of your personality.

Little girl, happy two months!

I have to end this post with an outtake, because it's too good not to :)

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